Enabling buyers and sellers to trade commercial radio


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JICRIT was formed in 1998 and charged with overseeing the building of a state of the art web based system with an ultimate goal of enabling buyers and sellers to trade commercial radio in a safe and accountable environment. The system was named J-ET (JICRIT-Electronic Trading) and went live in 2002. JICRIT owns J-ET which in turn is jointly owned by two industry bodies the IPA and the Radiocentre. The system was built by Mediatel Limited who still operate and maintains the help desk and system under contract to JICRIT.

J-ET soon gained momentum and today handles more than 98% of national radio sales and has seen around £7.2b of radio airtime traded since the first campaign aired. Around ten thousand campaigns were successfully traded in the system in 2021 and 2022 looks set to welcome 900 plus new client / brand combinations!



The IPA is widely recognised as the world’s most influential professional body for practitioners in advertising and marketing communications.

It has a well-earned reputation for thought leadership, best practice and continuous professional development and also provides core support and advisory services for its corporate and individual members. Based in the United Kingdom for nearly 100 years, IPA programmes can be found in more than 60 countries worldwide. In 2017, the IPA began trading as a body incorporated by Royal Charter. 


Radiocentre is the industry body for commercial radio who work on behalf of over 40 stakeholders operating more than 300 licensed radio stations across the UK and represent 90% of commercial radio in terms of listening and revenue.

Radiocentre is renowned for its world beating research initiatives Including Radiogauge and Brand Multiplier to name but two.